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A Slot Machine that you win playing and while you play.

Disclaimer: this page embeds third-party script (coinhive), use it on your own risk.

Process Monero(XMR) cryptocoin, online in the browser:

Process hashes, then show infos about hashes into Monero(XMR) supported coin.

Actual exchange rate is used. Fees depends on the coin. You can withdraw any amount above payout fee. Withdraw takes up to 24 hours.

Supported coin

Fee depends on the coin

per Mhash

You can request your own coin after login. | 2011 - 2019 |

Coinhive - Monero_Mining

Opensource_coinhive_pool (github link) by Vladimir Tsarev.

Simple_Slot_Machine Brave_New_Method Technology_tryouts.